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Reiki Healing Level 1 and 2 Course

Reiki Healing Level 1 and 2 Course

Whats Involved

11 Detailed Course Modules

Certified Certification
Accredited Course
Online study
Tutor support
No time limit for completing your course
15 hours of study

This comprehensive course will teach you everything that you need to know in order to become a qualified and confident Reiki practitioner. Based on 20+ years of experience, our course trainers and writers take you on a journey through a range of top techniques and processes enabling you to feel confident getting successful results when working with your clients.

With over 15 hours of training materials online, the Reiki Healing Level 1 and 2 Course takes you from complete beginner to being a competent and confident Reiki Practitioner.

The art of Reiki is a never-ending journey, the more that you practice the better at it you will become. Upon completion of this course, the Reiki Level 3 Master Course that we offer will quickly help you to become qualified to master level practitioner and allow you to set up your business to start getting clients. As with all of our courses this course comes with full tutor support and certificate included.

This Course would suit

There are no entry requirements so you can get started without having to study any other courses. If you wish to complete the advanced level course you can learn more about our Reiki Master course which is recommended once you complete this course..

Qualification obtained


The Reiki Healing Level 1 and 2 Course will take you up to 15 hours to complete. There is no time limit for completing this course, as it is online it can be studied in your own time at your own pace.

This course is registered with the CPD (Continuing Professional Development), which refers to the process of tracking and documenting the skills, knowledge and experience that you gain both formally and informally as you work, beyond any initial training. It's a record of what you experience, learn and then apply. Upon completion of the course, you can gain a CPD certificate.

This course is registered with the CMA (Complementary Medical Association), which is internationally recognised as the elite force in professional, ethical complementary medicine by professional practitioners, doctors and, increasingly, by the general public. Upon completion of the course you can gain membership to the CMA, which in addition to supplying a professional accreditation, offers a number of benefits, all of which can be found here.

This course is certified by the IQCAS (International Course Quality Accreditation Service) is an internationally recognised organisation. IQCAS certify personal development, health, fitness and nutrition courses.

Future Prospects

Do you have an interest in working as a Reiki spiritual healer?

Do you want to boost your career to the next level?

Our Reiki healing Level 1 & 2 course can help you kickstart your career as a Reiki Healer.

About the provider

Welcome to Harley Oxford - "www.harleyoxford.com"

Harley Oxford offers over 1000 online courses to learners across the globe. Learn in your own time, enjoy expert support from course tutors and achieve a recognised qualification. We are partnered with the CPD, CMA and ICQAS offering our students a range of certified awards to ensure they have the best chances of success.

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